Q: Where can I buy Little Fancy Pants cloth diapers?
A: We stock regularly, usually every 2 weeks on Tuesday at 4pm Eastern Standard Time - but this can sometimes vary. Check out our Facebook page for the latest updates.

We also have retailers that carry our products: You can view them here.
Q: Do I need to prep my Little Fancy Pants diaper(s) before using?
A: Yes, but you only technically need to wash the soaker, which is the part that snaps into the shell. We recommend at least 3-5 wash/dry cycles. The more you wash the soaker the more absorbent it becomes.
Q: What materials are the hybrid fitteds made out of?
A: Usually Knit or Woven outside – content varies by print, polyester fleece middle layer, and 20% polyester/80% cotton velour inside. Soakers are topped with matching cotton velour, and absorbent layers made from cotton/bamboo blend fleece.
Q: What size should I get?
A: Sizing depends on your baby but here are some general weight ranges:
  • Newborn: 5-15 LBS.
  • Size 1 (Smaller One-Size): 9-25 LBS.
  • Size 2 (Bigger One-Size): 15-35 LBS.
  • Size 3 (Toddler): 18-40 LBS.

Fit also depends on:
  • The outer fabric: Woven fabric is not very stretchy, knits are stretchy. Swimsuit knits are very stretchy.
  • The finish style: Turned (top stitched) diapers, and serged style diapers are made from completely different patterns.
Q: What is the difference between turned, and serged style diapers?
A: Turned will have top stitching on the outside of the diaper, serged diapers you will see decorative thread along the edge of the diaper.
Diaper Styles
Q: What are Night Time Fitteds and "Sleepys"?
A: These diapers have either velour inside and out, or polyester fleece outside and velour inside. And also include an extra bamboo soaker & stay dry fleece insert. (Newborn size only includes a bamboo soaker)
Q: What is the difference between the different kinds of sleepys?
A: There are 3 kinds; CV, Fleece, and Windpro. All 3 are great but each has an added benefit:
  • CV sleepys are buttery soft, squishy and absorbant! Most mamas are not able to use these coverless overnight, but these are a great night time solution when paired with a cover, shorties, or longies!
  • Fleece sleepys: The fleece exterior adds an extra barrier in addition to the hidden fleece inside the diaper. A lot of mamas are able to use fleece sleepys coverless. But since every child is different, you may still need a cover.
  • Windpro: its an even better type of fleece, its a tighter/denser weave of fleece and is even more water resistant. Even more mamas are able to use these diapers coverless. However, there are still some mamas who need to use covers even with windpro for their super duper soakers.
Q: Does Little Fancy Pants have a facebook buy/sell/trade group?
A: Yes, we also have a chatter and customs group as well. Links:
Q: Does Little Fancy Pants take custom orders?
A: Yes, usually custom spots stock on our hyena cart page during stockings. We also offer pre-orders and group customs from time to time – check our facebook page for updates of when they open and stocked.
Q: Does Little Fancy Pants make AI2 (all in two, or all in one) diapers?
A: At this time we do not make any diapers with PUL but there is a possibility that they will be offered in the future.
Q: Do your hybrid fitteds need a cover?
A: Depends on your little one, some moms have said they do not need to use a cover and others use them only while they are out and about. However, even though they are highly water resistant they are not 100% water-proof.